So it's official that I'm a (swinging) housewife.

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So it's official that I'm a (swinging) housewife.  Empty So it's official that I'm a (swinging) housewife.

Post by Claire on Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:00 pm

Depending on who you talk to you might hear over and over again that getting me to the altar was anything but easy. Coming from my religious background there was a never ending supply of candidates being lined up by the matchmaker. Obviously for more reasons other than just my "wild side" I just wasn't interested in any of them.

Fortune would have it that there was one man that I really wanted. I've had a lot of sex with a lot of different men and most of them I've fucked 2 or more at a time and sure enough I've been physically attracted to some of them. However for the most part it's just been a question of me being selfish and simply wanting to physically get off. (ie: It's their cocks I wanted not really any of them.) In the case of my husband it was really a different situation. He's a muscular tattooed former bad boy

I'll skip a whole bunch of stuff and get to what everyone wants to read. I came clean to him on pretty much on our 1st date.(If you can call what we were allowed a date) I told him all about the double life I lead that involved partying and group sex and he was totally cool with it! Needless to say we both played our parts for everyone else's benefit but every chance we got we fucked like animals.

Alright we had a grand total of exactly 1 threesome prior to marriage and that was with a girlfriend of mine. So when during the honeymoon we got a chance to go to a swinger party I was super nervous because he never actually seen me fuck another man. A lot of guys say they can handle swinging but when the time comes they can't. Considering that my husband is the kind of guy that's comfortable in a biker bar and that those kind of men seldom share their women, I had a lot to be worried about.

Okie dookie I made friends with another woman at the party and in the bathroom I explained my situation. My plan was get him fucking another woman and while he's busy I'll let another guy do me. Well fast forward to being the orgy room and he's got both me and my new friend sucking him off and he's enjoying every moment of it. Finally after a few minutes she mounts my husband and I get on all 4s' with my ass in the air to try to entice a gentleman right behind me. - He goes for it without a hesitation.

There was a few brief moments where he was more interested in playing with my pussy than sticking his cock inside me and I was freaking out inside my head wanting him to just get it over with. Therefore I reached between my legs and grabbed his dick and steered it into me. Finally the guy started fucking me.

Obviously I was completely fretting that my husband was going to flip his shit and it must have shown on my face because he looked at me and smiled. Wow, the moment he did that I completely calmed down and tried to focus on enjoying the cock in me. Well I did calm down but I didn't have a single orgasm because I just couldn't focus.

I went for broke and fucked as many men as I could. To that effect I was super happy that my guy was sharing his beast with every woman that he could. On drive back to our hotel we talked and he was just absolutely awesome about the entire night. The only thing we both said was there's a rule that neither one of us is allowed to fuck anyone else unless it's in front of each other.

Oh and when we got back to room we fucked... we fucked worse than animals... We fucked like insane mythical dieties.

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So it's official that I'm a (swinging) housewife.  Empty Re: So it's official that I'm a (swinging) housewife.

Post by michael y on Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:56 pm


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