Update on Go Go

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Update on Go Go

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:39 pm

Because I'm the admin I know Go Go's IP address and I can honestly say she hasn't been on this site since she got engaged. I have however spoken to her several times and she assures me that everything is alright. She's moved back home with her parents and is just focused on learning all the things that good wife needs to know. (ie: The stuff she refused to learn when she was younger) There's no hatred, anger or bad in her heart for anyone. It's actually the opposite she loves everyone (especially midge and gira) for everything the friendship, loyalty and concern they've demonstrated towards her.

So relax she's not saying one thing in public and thinking something else privately just because she hasn't returnd to this forum. She's just becoming Haredi and that takes a lot of work.


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